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MAKORI: Kalonzo can short-change Baba, again

 Hon Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon Raila Odinga, in their own volition, know that they will eventually work together but have not arrived at a perfect approach of making it public.  

 Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. Photo/COURTESY

Kalonzo once said he'll be the most stupid person on earth if he supports Raila for the third time without a measure of reciprocity. A clever lawyer he is; at least nobody knows the standard measure of reciprocity.

Kalonzo and Raila are short of options on how best they can share power should they win. But the ugliest part of this scheme is that they must strike a deal before they win. Anything the two will come up with will be affected by a strange political panacea. The expectations of their supporters are high and they must strike a balance of neutrality in 10 days or the man from Sugoi stops campaigning and start making State House furniture orders from Turkey.

In the much-anticipated Azimio One Kenya grand coalition, Baba is the seed of destruction. They say he failed to honour previous agreements and thus cannot be trusted again easily. Steve is the prudential element in the deal. He has supported Baba's bid intrinsically and almost religiously. Both his spirit and his supporters think it is time Baba supports him before he (Baba) politically expires.

Usually, elites bolster conflicts while striking deals so as to appear more convincing. Raila and Steve are one and the same thing. But the latter knows how to take advantage of situations and win.


Steve once ran away with ODM-K (now Wiper) and left Baba partyless. As the world was getting convinced that Jakom won against Kibaki, Steve passed "katikati" and said Kibaki was the winner. He was made Vice President. In fact, had Kalonzo supported Raila in 2007 Kibaki could have retired before 31st December - the difference between the scores of Kibaki and Raila was 200k yet Kalonzo had 800k. Even in 2022, Kalonzo can short-change Baba.

Meanwhile, Hon Rigathi Gachagua on February 28th took it to the media to tell Ruto that he must be the running mate. Mudavadi and his bonus brother have been put on notice. Funny as it may be, don't be surprised if they get out of Kenya Kwanza. It happened in 2013 to Mudavadi (madimoni times). Now that BBI is almost resurrecting, expect anything, including Raila saying Weta has never stolen an embassy's land. Ni siasa hii...


Mr Makori is a political analyst and Public Administration graduate from Kisii University

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