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KITHARYA: I am changing Kyuso Ward day by day

MUSYOKA NGUI: Good Morning Mheshimiwa and welcome to another interview with Mwingi Times

1.As the clock ticks towards this year's August 9, 2022 General Elections, what new leadership do you offer to the citizens which has not been there since devolution started in 2013?

Jonathan Muimi Kimanzi alias Kitharya (pictured) has emphasized on the need to ensure locals benefit from  the rich mineral resources in Kyuso ward rather than being exploited by rich businesses as locals languish in poverty. Photo/COURTESY

JONATHAN MUIMI KIMANZI aka KITHARYA: Thank you my brother, and once again I'm privileged to be back in this hot seat...This is the election people should differentiate between a leader, a businessmen and party "kavanda ituo" as I call them. The difference between Kitharya and other aspirants is well noted when you move from one Location to the other.  With few Classes renovated, few Toilets for our markets, Bursaries to needy students and more of our sportsmen not left out...

2.It is not the norm for candidates to start development projects for constituents they want to lead before they are voted in. Why have you risked given politics is a game of chance not guarantee? 

 100% true. But I use the little I have to make sure I can put a smile in someone's face every day. The projects done will remind me of the good deeds to my people some years to come. I must say leader are born and nurtured in different ways, but if you are not born to lead then then let the leaders take the helm and help our people.

3.Since Kitui County Government classified Kyuso town as an urban centre of the larger Mwingi North constituency, its status has been elevated. How has that benefited the businesses in the town?

Absolutely nothing. Kyuso people are still being auctioned by cartels and businessmen around. But this is the year that I will fight to have Kyuso get to back to glorious days. Water, roads, electricity seems to be past tense to most of our small business people. And I will not only use County but also stretch my hand to NGOs for help.

4.What about the ordinary wananchi? What did they reap from Kyuso's "promotion"?

Ordinary Mwanachi is not only crying but they are asking Why, why, why only Kyuso? Tseikuru is doing great. People of Kyuso cannot show any development and just few metres Mhindi is mining and all our wealth is being transferred to unknown destinations.

5. One major challenge in devolved governments is running of public hospitals. Most times, there is shortage of drugs and health workers go on strike over no pay or late remittance of their dues.  As an aspiring MCA, what is your plan in lobbying for allocation of the budget to serve wananchi given they are exploited by private hospitals when services are paralysed in govt health facilities?

 The Government of Kenya clearly allocated all necessary required drugs. I will work with whoever will be my county boss to make sure all procedures are followed and all staff members to be fully paid in time.

6.What do you regard as your biggest selling point to be elected as MCA on August 9, 2022?

 Since independence no one has done projects before being elected and that’s what I want to do to my people of Kyuso. 


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