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JANESIS proves that romance is not for the rich only

 SHOT with contrasting scenes and themes, JANESIS is a spellbinding telenovela that is meant to keep adoring viewers glued to their screens.

 Fari (left) talks with Sammy during a scene of Janesis telenovela. Photo/COURTESY

Now with only eight episodes and counting, the Sammy Kioko production has amassed thousands of followers on YouTube thanks to its easy-to-relate-to drama.

The show revolves around the Michaels in need of a house girl and a shamba boy who are sourced from ghettos as is usually the norm in most wealthy Kenyan homes. So, when Jane comes to the city to stay with Michael Ofula family, his son Andrew falls in love with her.

When Jane leaves the low-income setting, she invites her boyfriend Sammy to come and work as a lawn manager.

Unknown to Sammy, Andrew, the son of Michael presents a high-stake competition to his ghetto girlfriend Jane Wanjiku. He takes her to a night dinner and the results leave viewers sympathetic of Sammy who is just a boy struggling to find a footing in a shaky economic ground but with so much ambition to succeed.

Jane (left) receives a gift from Andrew. Andrew bought a necklace for her worth KSh100,000 and dismissed the one she was wearing as a worthless mabati which can kwaruza her neck if she was not careful when wearing it. Photo/COURTESY

Of course, Michael’s wife Karimi gets wind of the budding love life of her son and the new house girl from ghetto and warns her to stay within her lanes to avoid colliding with top income earners.

With above hindsight, a YouTuber is anxious of the next episode which has a special celebrity appearance and soothing melody of Fari (Farida Athmani). Fari is an established artiste who does voice overs during the show. She also plays a role as a daughter to the Michaels.


SK Entertainment is produced by Sammy Kioko who also serves as its director and actor. With the narrative of Hustlers and Dynasties being showcased daily in Kenya’s political scene, Janesis is a mirror which reminds the society that the dreams of the poor are also valid. That is why Shikwekwe is happy about his childhood friend Sammy who gets a job with the Michaels. “Ukienda majuu usitusahau mahali umetuacha ghetto. Usiwahi sahau ghetto. Usiwahi sahau mahali pamekulea”, he tells his friend.

So, to exemplify the “curse” the wealthy, Andrew comes off as a spoiled son who has options to use and dump girls. He is unable to sustain a stable relationship with his girlfriend and shifts his attention to Jane leaving her (the main girl) to ask a fundamental question which is met with angry shouts and reprimands.

She asks “What are we?”. In return, he defends his escapades as being very busy with family businesses and personal stuff.

The show employs cutting edge technology in shooting and scripting. As well as styles such as flashbacks, irony and vivid description.


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