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DP RUTO’s cash was not my first to get in politics-Chota

 After many interruptions by Highway Bar patrons making orders to be served, we settled down for an exclusive interview with Joseph Musyoka Muthui, popularly known as Chota.

Musyoka Muthui during a sitdown talk with Mwingi Times at his Highway Bar. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Deputy President William Ruto toured Tseikuru town on February 24, a market day. Chota made a wheelbarrow which is the party symbol for UDA party and caught the attention of country’s second-in-command.

As a result of his innovation, he was given KSh20,000 to share with 20 youth but insists as their leader, he took the lion’s share. He says he used the money to expand his entertainment business.

“I was the leader and there is the amount that I was allocated and it was the highest among the youth.

There were rumours that I was beaten up but that is not true. After all, that was not the first funds allocation I secured, says Chota.

During a recent burial for Musili Kituo’s mother attended by Mwingi North MP Aspirant and businessman Mutati Sonko, Chota says he was awarded similar allocation and fellow youth turned chaotic. He had to do the needful. He says they wanted to fight and he fled with the money adding that you do not follow up political funds given after they are dished out.

“When you go for about 100 steps and no one is following you, they cannot come later and ask for their share”, says the electrical engineer.

The muscular man says his fitness works to his advantage when it comes to push and shoving.

He owns and runs the only bar in Kalimbui sublocation of Tseikuru ward.

“I do electrical installation for both Kenya Power and solar energy sources. I retreat to my bar here to work when my engineering work is over.

Both of my projects are doing well. I thank God. I cannot fail to thank God”, he says.

Voters’ priorities

But he has a bone to pick with the current leadership which he thinks should change in the upcoming general elections. Chota says Tseikuru has its own development priorities and those who want the residents’ votes should address the following: road construction, student bursaries and providing clean drinking water to the drought-prone area.

Chota thanks the DP for helping in repairing of Tseikuru borehole which was in bad state.

“Dr Ruto cleared the pending bill we had with Kenya Power of KSh250,000. The County Government of Kitui will follow up the matter with Pastor Stephen Syengo alias Ndundi who is the chairman of the renewal of water supply in Tseikuru”, he says.

Tseikuru Sub County Hospital was the worst affected by water shortage in the region. Mothers were made to fetch water for their own delivery since water was unavailable in the health facility.

“When babies were being delivered, their mothers were forced to go to fetch water in the river. That made healthcare services to be wanting”, says Chota.

He is calling upon politicians to help wananchi solve their immediate needs by being responsive when called upon. His cousin was buried on Friday. He says the Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu promised to support them but did not do so. He also accused him of failing to complete projects started by former MP John Munuve such as construction of a classroom in Kalimbui Mixed Secondary School.

The late Kyalo Muthami aka Munati was laid to rest on March 5 at his Kalimbui home. He was serving his jail term sentence at Kitui prison having been convicted with robbery crime. Some of local politicians who graced his send-off were Mr Patirck Mwangangi (Irianga) and Mr Kimanzi Muange. They contributed cash too besides sending their condolences. They are both contesting for Mwingi North MP seat.

According to doctor’s report, Kyalo Muthami died of hernia, says Chota.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu helped in buying casket for the burial of Munati. “It is not that we will vote for Ngilu. She used government finances so we still do not prefer her as our gubernatorial choice for August 9th polls”, says Mr Muthui.

The Kenya Kwanza supporter says that Deputy President William Ruto is his preferred candidate for presidential seat. He is calling upon him to open UDA office in Tseikuru. “For now, I am supporting Ruto for free. But when he is elected president, he should help all the youth in Kenya without overlooking any region”, says Chota as he returns to his Highway Bar to serve clients some staggering to the cashier to pay while holding their bottles and cups.


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