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Wambora PA embarrassed our governor, he should resign-MCAs

 A section of Embu Ward Representatives has demanded the immediate resignation of Governor Martin Wambora’s Personal Assistant for embarrassing him in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Muminji MCA Newton Kariuki said Wambora's speech misplacement was a national humiliation. Photo/COURTESY

Led by Muminji MCA Newton Kariuki, the Ward Reps said the misplacement of the governor’s speech was a national humiliation of an otherwise very composed leader and the person responsible for organizing and carrying his documents should take personal accountability for the fiasco.

Temporary Speaker Phillip Nzangi (Makima) acknowledged that Governor Wambora, being the Chairman of the Council of Governors, is a high-ranking leader in the republic of Kenya. He opined that some mishaps in a presidential event were shameful and called for deterrent consequences.

Nzangi said Wambora’s personnel ought to have made sure that he had all the documents he required for such an event to avoid embarrassing Embu County, the governor himself and the other 46 governors he was representing at the Universal Health Coverage function in Mombasa.

Ordinary accident

However, Nominated MCA Edna Muisyo termed the incident as an ordinary accident that should not lead to the governor’s personnel losing their jobs. Her calls on Nzangi to rule that Kariuki was out of order for demanding the resignation of Wambora’s Personal Assistant failed, eliciting applause.

Drama ensued when the incensed Muisyo, who was reprimanded by the Speaker for raising too many points of order later stormed out of the County Assembly chambers in protest against the decision by Nzangi to deny her opportunities to interrupt her counterparts who were debating on the matter that infuriated her.

Mavuria MCA Ngari Mbaka said there was too much confusion during the electioneering period, adding that Wambora was evidently not spared by the effects of heavy campaign workload. He at the same time rebuffed interjections by Muisyo and told her to let people vent out their opinions.

The matter of the misplacement of Governor Wambora’s speech made its way to the floor of the County Assembly for the second day as MCAs contributing to different Motions kept bringing it up. Nominated MCAs have expressed discontent with the discussion of the disgraceful incident.


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