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IF and IF Alex Mutemi (Kava Ko) was ever to make it to the house on Nzambani Rock, I would sleep easy. I wanted to write "Sleep like a hundred-year granny " but I remembered that Grannies don't sleep so well nowadays. Alex Kava Ko isn't a stranger to any Tseikurian. He has occupied Tseikuru political landscape both authoritatively and figuratively. No Kenyan politician struts their stuff more in your face than the indomitable Tseikuru Tiger. 

Tseikuru Aspiring MCA Alex Mutemi alias Kava Ko. Photo/COURTESY

You won't hear him appealing to your sympathy by telling you some tear-jerking stories of woe about working with "Muvisi”.No. He’s a self-made Tseikurian who doesn't want or crave your pity. His track record speaks for itself ranging from construction of classes in schools using personal funds, helping local artists record their art in his modern studio, showing up during occasions, promoting the local business community and interacting with the youths at a personal Level. Kava Ko eats life with a Spade not a big spoon. He's not the kind of a man to be lost in a crowd. 

The man has a sharp tongue. I happened to watch him perform before Kyeni TV's audience great audience a fortnight ago and concluded that he has a tonne of emotional intelligence. He was brief and to the point. He articulated his ideas well. He must be the best thing that has ever happened in Tseikuru after Nziitu River. 

Kavako isn't a novel face to Tseikurians. He's had his share of controversy since he joined the Tseikuru political terrain. Among the Tseikuru's politicians, Alex is a true philosopher King. He's carving a space for himself and stands to reap big in the August 2022 General Elections. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. However, I can't help but notice proof of time in the nest. Let me give it to you straight.

Battle of titans 

Alex is surging while his opponents are stuck in a Catatonic schizophrenia. Is he the next PORK? Your guess is as good as the Brilliant Musavani Sky. It's going to be a battle of titans. High noon. Either do or die. A mano-a-mano. He has the numbers and Capacitors. With each and every youth banking on Kava Ko's candidature, then the man from Tseikuru should be planning for a thanksgiving party to take place immediately after he rises to the throne. A bulk and some goats to be exact. 

I'd love to see a scenario where Mr Kava Ko will beat his competitors with a convincing margin that any thought of "Election was rigged from me" or rather "they used flying snakes and Kamuti" to cause Mental discombobulation to my supporters will be a sweet lullaby to a rock outcrop. That’s why Mr Kava Ko need to bring like-minded youths and reformers to deliver a fatal blow to the politics of Sympathy and Conmanship. And yes, he can. A win by the other guys will take us back to the 1990s.

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