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RONNEY: KILONZI Promises to Buy His Competitors Like Boiled Eggs


The elephant is finally out of the room. After years of prevarications and double speaking, Mr Charles Kilonzi has barred fangs at Mr Kanandu (The incumbent). 

Mumoni Ward MCA Aspirant Charles Kilonzi addresses residents at Katooni during a meet-the-people tour. Photo/RONNEY MWANDIKWA

The man from Mukong'a eats life with a Spade not a big spoon. He fills every room both literally and figuratively. 

I would be mean to say that he WON’T win. However, I can't help but notice a Proof of life in the nest. Mr Kilonzi isn't a stranger to any Mumonian. The guy from the least populated in Mumoni ward is surging. Will Mukong'a vote out of Anger and Frustrations from the current leadership? 

Your guess is as good as the BRILLIANT Ikongo sky.

Mr Kilonzi sleeps so well after Willy, Kambua and Eric's candidature (I wanted to say he sleeps like a granny but I've remembered that Grannies Don't sleep so well nowadays).

With 2000 votes already on his basket, he has all the Reasons to smile. He needs to only concentrate on Mumoni Central. Mr Charles only needs to give a fair play in Mumoni Central by Marshalling over 3,000 votes. He's a heartbeat away from the Parliament, What Mukong'a people calls "Jukwaa".

Mr Charles has Promised to buy his competitors like Boiled eggs once he rises to the throne since "We are Mumoni and Mumoni is our Business ".


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  1. Kanandu my college mate needs to pull up the socks. Kabandu (Ikûli mweene)"The task ahead of you is enormous, the challenges are intimidating" These are the words of Mwai Kibaki during the presidential campaigns in 2002. Mr. Kanandu you have to revisit your strategies lest you become one term MCA


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