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RISKY Road in Tseikuru echoes years of Govt marginalization, neglect

 JUST a few kilometres from Tseikuru town you will find a steep slope that is almost impassable lest you are pro enough to manoeuvre the rocky patch of the earthen road.

A section of the road in Tseikuru Ward where motorists have to endure steep slopes in a rocky path which make vehicles breakdown adding to higher costs of transport. The government has not leveled the section for residents to comfortably use it. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Never mind the road leads to a new university college campus called Great Tana University College. It is a branch of the Gatunga-based Tharaka University College.

Other key institutions on that side are Kamayagi and Kaivirya primary schools as well as local markets.

It was not immediately clear if the section had claimed lives and limbs but the neglect speaks of years of marginalization.

The trend of not caring about what wananchi needs has never changed even after the passing of new Constitution in 2010. This is when devolution was birthed.

However, despite taking government closer to the villages, this road has never been prioritized by government.

Residents ask for how long will they wait?



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