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NDINDA: What to Consider in Selecting Shoe Sizes and Types


Have you ever stepped out only to realize that your shoe type or sizes does not match or meet your needs and expectations? Today, we are going to see how we can choose the correct shoe type and size.

 A shop attendant displays shoes on sale. Weather, theme colour and type of occasion to attend are some factors that are put into consideration in choosing the type of shoe to wear. Photo/COURTESY

Once again, the weekend is here with us again, and I am sure we all have plans. You already have the best outfit in place (I believe), but you are wondering what shoe should accompany the chosen cloth. In our previous article, we looked at what to consider when choosing the right outfit for you, and among the points that we noted down were the type of event and the weather as well.

As for the shoe type, we are going to borrow a leaf from last week’s article. Consider the type of occasion that you are preparing for. It could be a wedding, a sports event, a date, a girls’ night out or even a send-off function. This will make it easier to choose if it is a wedge, stiletto, heel or even a sneaker.

Check on the weather - I am sure you don't want to look odd. Say for example it is during the rainy season, something flat and closed, preferably a dark colour will go in handy. If the weather is friendly, you could match out with a flat, open, wedged choice.


Consider the theme colour. This mostly happens during weddings. This is important so just to help combine the colours well, to avoid mismatches here and there.

For the shoes size, it will entirely depend on the shoe type but still the size doesn't really vary much. Have the shop attendant measure your size so that you can get the right product. I will encourage this every time you decide to go shopping for shoes.

Additionally, once you fit the shoe, walk around so just to know if they feel okay. Check if there is some little space left for the toes. If yes, you are good to go. If no, try another size. Always remember that our feet tend to expand as the day goes by and especially in the afternoon.

Examine the shoes and feel if you find comfort. Is the shoe fitted with so many stuffs, thus making it heavy? Is it too heeled or wedged?

For the gents, is the edge too sharped? Don't choose something because your friend has a similar. Their preference isn't yours. Don't make you days extremely long simply because the shoes you got feels so much uncomfortable.

In as much as you want to stay trendy and classy, it is important to ensure that you maintain the comfort level. May your weekend be full of good vibes, class, elegance and fashion. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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