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NDINDA: What to consider in choosing the best perfume


It is always a good feeling knowing that we are approaching the weekend. You all know how we want our weekends to be great and outstanding. Today I want us to talk about perfumes.

Selection of perfumes is a highly personal affair. One user's great fragrance can be another person's headache. Photo/COURTESY

Perfumes come in so many different tastes and it is everyone's wish to go out smelling all nice. Some of us prefer something strong, others something mild or even sweet. Picking the best perfume can be a little bit tricky. The saying goes, one's man food, is another man's poison. What might be so great for you, might be the cause of a headache for another person.

Strong perfumes

I'm sure we've come across people while traveling, while in church, events or even work places that use strong perfumes until we can't wait to leave the place. Some use something cool and nice until you can't help but ask which scent that is. Well, it is just about personal preferences. Below are some of the tips to consider when going out to buy some perfume to wear while stepping out.

Do a thorough research. Search for all the scents you have in mind and see the ingredients. See if you could be allergic to any before going ahead to purchase.

Do a perfume sample. Try out different samples on your wrist. Yes. The wrist part is always the best part to do a perfume test. Make sure you smell coffee beans when sampling, so just to avoid getting a mix up of the scents.

Skin type. An important question that we should always ask ourselves is, do we know our skin type? Our skin reacts differently with different products. Could be soaps, jellies, body lotions or even perfumes. Some could be extremely friendly, while others could be harsh. Choose something that matches your skin type.

If you are thinking of trying something new, do it in small amounts, since you aren't sure if you'll like it or not. If you happen to love the new scent, then you can go ahead and purchase on large quantities.

Recently, we've had perfume refills. Some prefer plain ones, while others prefer a mix of two different scents. You could choose to stick to the one brand that you are used to or try a mix.

Let your scents create a serene environment for you and those around you. As I have always insisted is that, comfort is always key.

As we call it a wrap, have yourselves a lovely weekend and be safe. Remember, elegance and style are a priority. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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