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KITUI County Assembly business hangs in the balance as MCAs debate House Business Committee Membership

Kitui County MCAs are yet to decide on a motion to okay names of the powerful House Business Committee. 

Kitui County Assembly Speaker George Ndotto. The House is debating a motion on Business Committee Membership which has sharply divided the legislators. Photo/COURTESY

This is even after the motion was tabled and debated for more than two hours on Wednesday morning.

Speaker George Ndotto ruled that he would put the question on the matter in the afternoon sitting to allow Members reconsider their position on the matter. This is after it emerged clearly that majority of members who contributed were against the 14-member list.

According to the August House Standing Orders, the committee Membership should be between 11 and 17 members.

The Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader and Whips of the both sides are automatic members of the committee by the virtue of the positions they occupy. 

During the debate to consider the motion, sharp divisions emerged between the MCAs over what majority claimed as unfairness and lack of inclusivity in the list that was moved by Leader of Majority Peter Kilonzo (Athi) and seconded by his Ikanga counterpart Anthony Mbiti. 


When the floor was opened for debate, the MCAs who spoke expressed their reservations with the committee membership in a heated debate that was marred by numerous points of order and name-calling. 

Among the matters that emerged to be of concern as members ventilated the motion was the issue of gender balance and regional balance. This came even as a section of Members called for removal of their colleagues who were reinstated into the committee even after serving for two or more sessions.  

Other than the House leadership, other members in the list include Jane Mutua (Kauwi), James Munuve (Kanziko), Mary Ndumbu (Nominated), David Thuvi ( Kthumula/Kwamutonga), Anthony Mbiti (Ikanga), Jacob Kavolonza (Mui),  Nicholas Mwalali (Mbitini) and Alexander Mbili (Kyangwitya East). 

The motion is important as the House Business Committee is mandated with allotting business to be considered by the County Assembly. 

As the House resumes in the afternoon, all eyes will be set on the Speaker to see which direction he takes to safe the House. As the House kicks off the sixth and the last session of this second County Assembly, the committee will be critical in appropriating the business the House undertakes in this shortest session which will take approximately 3 months before the Assembly is adjourned by early May this year.


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