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How to solve the puzzle of your dress code

It is a feel-good Friday, isn’t it?  I can bet that we all have weekend plans be it 'kupiga sherehe' or otherwise an event that would perhaps demand some fancy looks. Today, I will take a great look on how we should go about when picking what to dock up for a particular event. 

Factors that determine what to wear for an elegant look include weather, kind of event you are planning to attend and advice given by a honest friend. Photo/COURTESY   

Choosing an outfit can be quite stressful. Anytime we are looking forward to attending an event, we always want to come out looking all elegant, exquisite and classy. But how do we get to choose the perfect outfit?  Of course, to come up with the best outfit for a particular occasion there are several considerations you must make to dress not only classy but also for your dress code to be in tandem with the event you will be attending.    

The first thing to consider is the type or kind of event that you are planning to attend. It is very important to put in mind the event in plan so just not to miss out. Say for example, if you are attending a wedding ceremony, there could be a theme colour. If you have to choose for yourself, then floral and bright colours would go a long way perfectly. This is unlike attending functions such as burials, where dark colours, preferably black are highly considered.

Another tip is to have several outfits on standby. This will help in making sure that you have a backup plan just in case the original plan does not work perfectly for you.

Last minute rush

Make sure you do an advance or prior-planning of what you doll up. It helps in avoiding last minute rush when choosing what to wear or pair your outfit with. It also helps in knowing if your outfit has any defect that needs to be worked on before the D-day. This will come in handy to avoid mismatches and odd looks.

Check the weather. Another key point to consider is the current weather condition. The present type of weather will tell whether you should have something heavy or light. Is it a full neck or an off shoulder? Let the weather help you out.

Get a second opinion - This is key. Anytime we are preparing for an occasion, we always want to know that we are looking all good. Get a genuine friend who will answer the question, “how does this outfit look on me?” with the utmost honesty. Also ensure that you have a mirror. It's going to give you an outright display of your look.

Lastly, at least ensure that you have some wardrobe/closet essentials. This help when it comes to accessorize your outfit. This could include bow ties, boutonniere, hats, scarfs, belts and suspenders. This will make that suit or little black dress flatter your look.

I am hopeful that this article will play a critical role in solving what might have been a stressful puzzle on what to don on whatever occasion.

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