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AKIM: It requires extra sharpening for a lady to stand out, phenomenal ladies will always win

 ANN Kimwele aka Akim is vying for Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Nursing Students Association Chairperson position. If she wins, she will be the first female occupant of the seat since formation.

Ann Kimwele enjoys a scenic location at Mukurweini, Nyeri County. She says it looks as exotic as Kerala in India subcontinent. Photo/COURTESY


She manages her own YouTube channel called Akim’s World. Visit the channel by clicking on this link:

Subscribe to Akim’s World for captivating episodes centred on rural communities and their livelihoods.

 This is the main link to the channel:

But she is not campaigning on a gender card. She says that she is running for the post because she is an accomplished leader.

“I am not vying because I am female. I am standing in the position because I am a leader and deserve it as other competitors do regardless of their sex”, she says.

Ann in Muringato primary school in Nyeri taking to pupils about excelling in academics. Photo/COURTESY

While referring to a history of the society embracing male leaders as opposed to female ones, Akim says that it requires extra sharpening for a lady to stand out. “But phenomenal ladies will always win”, she adds.

However, she accuses past male occupants of the position of stagnation. She says it is time for DEKUTSNA, DeKUT Nursing Students Association, to shine through her transformative leadership.

While acknowledging the task at hand, Akim is keen on changing the dominant social setting steeped in patriarchy. “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it and join the dance”, says the Chairperson Aspirant.

The right mindset

Ms Kimwele plans to contest national politics in the near future but did not reveal to us the exact post she will be vying for. She only said that the world needs her as much as her university. She says that leadership is the right mindset.

Ann poses for a photo during this year's campus student politics. She is vying for DeKUTSNA (DeKUT Nursing Students Association) Chairperson. Photo/COURTESY

Akim runs a YouTube vlong called Akim’s World. She recently added a new component on other cultural aspects including cooking, farming and dressing. She says that she embraced her roots “and authenticity makes us stay connected to the source. The future is bright.”

Asked what she likes about her career, Akim says that Nursing is like a journey of self-discovery to her. She believes that for one to be in a position to give (nurse others), they must have enough.

She is into holistic medicine and is optimistic that in two years’ time, she will graduate and go and practice what she studied.

A happy Ann Kimwele alias Akim. She is pursuing a Nursing degree and is vying for Nursing Association Chairperson post in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. Photo/FILE

After a comprehensive interview punctuated with busy schedules, she gives a parting shot to Mwingi Times. “To you I am so grateful for this chance and to everyone. We all cannot be famous but we all can be great because Greatness is service. What are you doing (To be Great)?”.


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