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Why Mudavadi’s economic revival plan is wrong

 I fully agree with the son of Sabstone Mudamba that Kenya is broke.

ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/COURTESY

The Republic of Kenya is only surviving on loans. But even then, the debt that we continue to accrue is increasingly ending up in people’s pockets instead of improving the livelihood of the common man.

I concur with Musalia that the country is in need of urgent economic resuscitation. We need to weed out the corrupt elements who have defiled our monetary system and enjoyed every bit of it, even when the country is crying for mercy.

Somebody needs to stand against these economic saboteurs and liberate the nation. Kenya needs a hero who will unmask pretenders; the wolves in sheep clothing who have grown super wealthy by sucking public coffers dry while in government.

However, what I do not agree with Mudavadi is the route to re-engineering Kenya’s economy. We need to exorcise the economic demons who have doomed us into the abyss of economic turmoil; not join them in their plundering spree.

Kenyans are tired of over taxation, deceit and being robbed in broad daylight. Nevertheless, the route to liberating them is not the one advised by Cleophas Malala. Personally, I do not expect any form of economic revamp or revolutionization from the current crop of politicians. It is just hot air!

How do we run to people with bloodied hands and hug them, calling them our economic saviours? We cannot accuse the government of graft, then run to the same government asking for its operatives to rescue us from the same government.

I was ready to stand with Mudavadi if he was genuine on his fight against graft, but Wycliffe turned out to be a ‘Weak Leaf’ that I predict will soon fall off the tree of politics. When the likes of Ayub Savula defect from his party, he resorts to capsizing his own boat and jumping onto the competition’s vessel.


This was a good presidential candidate because he does not seem cunning enough to steal and amass wealth. He is not crafty enough to con any of his counterparts. He is too gutless to get militant or spark ethnic turmoil. He is incapable of taking hard-line stances and his influence is malleable; can be twisted, bended and moulded into anything.

General Miguna Miguna termed Musalia as “a certified coward” and “a typical Kenyan tumbocrat” who has never earned any position or wealth he enjoys. He said everything this geezer has achieved is traceable to his father and former President Daniel Moi. It is easy to see the root of the sentiments.

Allow me to skip the part that he was called “a fat KANU toad with zero integrity” because despite being mentioned in a few major financial and land scandals, Mudavadi’s character is too dilute and colourless to have the capacity to cause ripples in the murky Kenyan political waters, leave alone the major earthquake he had promised.

I told some friends of mine who seem not to understand politics that when you decide to run for office, you’re in it the whole hog. If you don’t believe you’ll win, then quit early and go herd your livestock. But you cannot pretend to be running for the top seat, yet throwing yourself in your opponent’s arms.

Then again, I’m reminded that this is a man who has built his political career around threats of running for the presidency so that someone begs him rubbish his dim ambitions for a share of something bigger in the next government. And this seems to be working perfectly as per the scavenger’s plans.

The only person I pity right now is one Moses Masika Wetang’ula. While Kalonzo Musyoka were bold enough to vamoose early enough, this one stayed put like a tick which remains stuck on the hide after an animal is slaughtered. I’m sure this one does not even know what’s up for grabs in this deal.

That’s politics…


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