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RE-ELECT me for another term and stop having Munuve hangovers, Malili says

 In an apparent fight against former Mwingi North MP John Munuve, the current Mwingi North legislator Paul Nzengu has beseeched the electorate to stop having hangovers with Munuve.


Mwingi North MP Eng Paul Nzengu alias Malili (left) meets Nguuku residents. He told them the excavation of Kandara shallow well was being done by his office in collaboration with county. Photo/RONNY MWANDIKWA

He was saying so after word reached him that whenever development projects are initiated in the constituency, residents credit Munuve and not Malili as he is popularly known.

Nzengu cited a case where he helped residents be connected to electricity grid but some people said that the electricity was connected by John Munuve, the former MP.

“Some people are sick about Munuve. When they wake up, Munuve, when they sleep, Munuve. And he has only two or three followers. Let’s please stop having Munuve hangovers”

Without naming the people he was referring to, Nzengu said that some aspirants were driving themselves when they visit villages to look for votes yet they should have employed local youths as drivers.

“If a person is wealthy and cannot employ a driver to chauffeur him, that person is mean to himself”.

He said that he offers employment to locals such as drivers and personal assistants unlike some 2022 Mwingi North constituency aspirants who ensure they drive themselves.

The Mwingi North legislators said that such people were too mean that they were also mean to themselves.

Apart from presenting bursaries to the constituents, he also offered them soda and bread.


MP Nzengu told the residents that they do not have to physically come to his residence for them to get development. He added that where possible, a phone call may be sufficient to solve the issue at hand. He said that phones were invented in order to ease communication.

However, he advised them to call when he is free such as when he is not sleeping or inside parliament.

“I cannot pick a call when in parliament. I am in the work that you sent me to do.”, he said while speaking in Nguuku location. The locals received bursaries.

“I can only give you help when I am alive. When I die, even if you cry for me, you will be doing an exercise in futility.”, he went on.

He urged Mwingi North residents to re-elect him for another five-year term, adding that after the 10 years, he will tell them what else he will contest for.

Malili also allocated funds to equip Kandara shallow well. He said that the contractor had already been procured to start off the work. The project is being done in partnership with Kitui County Government.


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