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JIRONGO links Mudavadi to Goldenberg scandal

 Veteran politician and former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo told Kenyans his side of story about Goldenberg scandal which is one of the biggest scams to ever paralyse Kenya’s economy since independence.

Veteran politician Cyrus Jirongo (centre) with former President Daniel Moi. Jirongo says he unfaily carries the burden of Kanu regime scandals. Photo/FILE

Jirongo linked Mudavadi to Goldenberg. He even said that he was “in good company” with his dalliance with UDA.

Mr Jirongo said that the scandal had three main culprits. He only named Mr Kamlesh Pattini. He did not say much about the other two. "Those who do not believe should do research. Go and investigate whether the house that my friend has been living in at Riverside was not owned by Kamlesh Pattni."

“I have carried a big cross since 1992. I did politics with President Moi as a leader of YK92.

When we did the politics, the economy of this country was adversely affected. Many of you have heard people saying YK92 caused economic turmoil in Kenya. I have carried that cross and you have not known what really happened.

The economy of Kenya collapsed in 1992 and 1993 by two politicians and one Indian. That was referred to as Goldenberg” said Jirongo.

While praising Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for not being involved in corruption for 30 years he has been in politics, Jirongo said the case was not the same for him. He said that he had suffered as his businesses were affected immensely.

“For 30 years, Honourable Kalonzo Musyoka has not been mentioned in corruption scandals. Even one day. But today, corruption is everywhere.  Sh2Billion is stollen every day in Kenya,” said the former minister.

Court cases

Jirongo denied benefitting from corruption during Kanu rule. He said that he was taken to court and has suffered economically.

“Kenya’s economy was affected and it was perceived that Jirongo and the youth were responsible for that. I have endured that for 30 years. Goldenberg culprits are responsible for that. One of them is my brother and Saitoti cried Sh5.8Billion until he died. And because he is my brother, I understood that he had sinned and I endured the suffering. But now you cannot sin and sin again”, an agitated Jirongo roared behind the microphone to a charged crowd charging “Tomboa, Tomboa!”.

After two Wetang’ula and Mudavadi joined hands with UDA’s William Ruto, only Kalonzo and Kanu party leader Gideon Moi remain as principals in OKA.

They have been wooing other leaders such as Martha Karua (Narc Kenya), National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi (Democratic Party) and Jimmy Wanjigi.

Jirongo appears to have benefitted from the exit of Weta and Mudavadi owing to his increased visibility in OKA rallies unlike before.

Jirongo’s party is called United Democratic Party. He was speaking in Kitui town during a rally with other OKA leaders.


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