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I spend my free time meeting strangers and creating memories-Akim

 THE joyful Ann Ndanu Kimwele is the second born child in a family of three. Her friends call her Akim.

Ann Ndanu Kimwele (Akim) was born and raised in Mulangoni village, Tseikuru Ward in Kitui County. The Nursing student is also a content creator on YouTube. Photo/COURTESY

A third year Bachelor of Science Nursing degree student from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, she uses her leisure time to socialize and create unforgettable memories.

Being a medical student, she uses her YouTube channel to create awareness about health issues. Nyeri County where her university is situated is leading with HIV/AIDS prevalence cases in Mt Kenya, she says.

So, with that daunting challenge at hand, Akim educates locals about how to protect themselves from the disease. However, some of those she interacts with are not willing to speak to her about the topic due to the stigma it creates. Others are just shy and ignorant of the meaning of HIV and AIDS as shown here on her channel

“I think HIV and sex are totally different issues but they connect because when you go having mannerless sex (sex that is not safe), then you end up having HIV”, says Akim calling for a more openminded approach in dealing with HIV pandemic.

Her YouTube channel is called AKIM’s World. The Lifestyle Digital Content Creator does other stories too. Such as those featuring celebrities and comedy.

The most watched interview she did was with Thee Pluto, a celebrity who visited Dedan Kimathi university. It was watched by over 10,584 fans. You can watch it by following this link and subscribe Akim’s World to enjoy more high-quality content:

The interviews

Most people that Akim has done interview with are men. This is because they are available and ready to appear on set unlike ladies who may promise to do so and fail her.

“Most people that I have done interview with are men and it doesn’t mean that I have ran out of women to interview. This is because I try approaching ladies but then I don’t know. Ladies are just hard too. They do not cooperate.

We plan. We meet so that we can do the interview but then they do not respond or it takes longer than expected. So, I end up like doing interviews with the people that are available. I think men are more available and they can be reached easily”, says Ndanu.

Most of the people that Akim interviews are random strangers that she meets. She says it is nature that she meets and interviews more men than ladies. Her channel has ladies but not that much as men.

Being a university student, she has a lot of time at her disposal. Her advice to fellow comrades is that they be taking some time off in campus to develop themselves since they have a lot of time to do that. But they should manage to dedicate time in studies especially during exams preparations. “They should narrow down and focus on one thing”, says Akim.


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