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I realised I could sing but never imagined secular music since I was raised in Catholic church

 Patrick Mwendaka is a Mwingi based artist. He owns and runs the Mutanda Unique Band.


Mutanda Unique Band singer Patrick Mwendaka poses before a past performance. He speaks to Mwingi Times on his career, YouTube channel and more. Photo/COURTESY

Last year, he released his most watched song titled Mama. It has garnered more than 1000 page views on YouTube and has 614 subscribers and counting.

He speaks to Mwingi Times in this exclusive interview.

RONNEY MWANDIKWA: You were born and bred in Mutanda. At what point did you know that you can sing?

MUTANDA UNIQUE BAND: Early 20s' is the time I realised I could sing although I never imagined that I will sing secular music since I was raised in a Catholic Church.

How has singing promoted your profile?

In fact, singing has really promoted my profile more so in meeting with senior and famous people. I interact and get time to propose my beneficial agenda.

Do people recognize you easier than before? 

Yes.  Most of the people even greet me and tell me how they know more about my music.

Are you a family man? If yes, how do you cope with the music career since most of the musicians have foregone marriage life? 

Yes. I'm a family man I have one wife. I decided to put my family affairs private and I don't expose it more so on social media platforms.

Have you monetized the enterprise? We understand that YouTube pays content creators. Do you have an account?

Yes. I have a YouTube channel titled MUTANDA UNIQUE BAND but as for now I have not achieved monetization requirements of 1k Subscribers plus 4,000 watch hours.

I have the best video producer. Watch my video on YouTube called MAMA. This is the link to my YouTube channel:

How have local businesses and residents benefited from your music?

NOT that much but residents have got the best informer and educator in music. Local businesses have benefitted much as I advertise their businesses through my hit songs

Where do you shoot your videos?

The venue and standards of shooting my videos depend on the content in the corresponding song.

Who is your mentor(s)?

I have more than ten mentors and advisors. I can’t be specific.

Can self employment cure the curse of joblessness?

Yes. I think self-employment should be the norm un every youth as far as there is finances, good management and discipline. 

What challenges have you encountered in music?

There are many challenges in music such as lack of finance, lack of own music instruments and

high competition in the industry. 

Do you do something else outside your music career? 

Yes. I work in a Roofing Material producing company called Space and Style Ltd with the best roofing tiles and all roofing accessories.


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