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How Kitharya comes to rescue Kyuso Ward

 AN aspiring Kyuso Ward MCA has already transformed the lives of his constituents seven months to the August 9 General Elections.

Old Muuluko Primary School class (left) and a new one (right) in the same school built by aspiring Kyuso Ward MCA Jonathan Muimi Kimanzi alias Kitharya. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Jonathan Muimi Kimanzi alias Kitharya has built at least two classrooms which were neglected and forgotten by current and past government leaders.

Muuluko and Gai primary school classes spotted gaping holes, rusted roofs and shaky walls.

But pupils and teachers of the two schools are now a happy lot when they walk into their new-look learning institutions.

Left: Old Gai Primary School class. Right: A fundi fixes a new door at Gai Primary School class. The facelift was done courtesy of aspiring Kyuso Ward MCA John Muimi Kimanzi popularly known as Kitharya. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Now that their classes are well done, they should also uplift the academic standards of the schools they are in.

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