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“Give us a peaceful transition”, party asks President Kenyatta

As the country gears up for General Elections later in the year, the Party for Peace and Democracy (PPD) has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure he delivers a peaceful transition.

The Deputy Party Leader of Party for Peace and Democracy (PPD) Wambugu Gakinya and members address the media in Embu hotel. They called for peaceful transfer of instruments of power as President Kenyatta's rein ends in August this year. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

PPD National Vice Chairperson Wambugu Gakinya said the greatest legacy that President Kenyatta can bequeath this country is to assure there is peaceful and orderly transfer of power to the newly elected leadership.

Speaking on Tuesday in Embu Town during a meeting with aspirants angling for various seats in the county on PPD party ticket, the Vice Chair said chaotic presidential transition could pose a big threat to the country’s social and economic cohesion.

“We know and are proud of the work the president has done in terms of development, but the ultimate legacy he can leave behind is ensuring there was peaceful handover of reins of power,” Gakinya said.

He continued to say, the biggest win for us as a party is having peace in the country after elections.”

Gakinya said the party will not be fielding a presidential candidate in the coming polls even as he noted that they have neither made a decision on who to support among the declared ones.

“Our focus for now is to build the party which is three years old to give it a national outlook before we can field a presidential candidate,” said a member and Embu Senatorial aspirant Dr. Frida Karani.

Dr Karani however said they were ready to enter into negotiations and work with like-minded parties whose aim was to promote peace and democratic governance.

They also extended an invitation to other aspirants to join the party and assured them of free, fair and credible nominations.

The PPD party also called on all eligible voters to enlist in the ongoing mass registration exercise saying that was the only way of ensuring they exercise their democratic right of voting and voting the right crop of leaders.


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