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GESIRE may have committed suicide due to accrued debts, Kitui Prosecutor says

 Kitui County Head of Public Prosecutions Bonnie Okemwa Wednesday said young State Counsel Kelvin Gesire may have committed suicide due to accrued debt and resultant financial distress.

Kitui County Head of Public Prosecutions during a media interview. He has linked Kelvin Gesire's alleged suicide to accrued debts and financial distress he was facing. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

Okemwa said that although the state counsel appeared depressed at some point, a thought of taking his own life was unlikely.

“Nothing showed that he was likely to harm himself. On Monday, he was a very jovial man and he interacted well with colleagues and friends.

We gather that he happily had supper with a neighbour whom they share a compound until midnight”, Mr Okemwa told Mwingi Times.

At the time of his death, Mr Gesire, lived alone in a rented house in Site and Service estate, Kitui town. After his body was discovered in his house, it was collected by police and taken to Tribute Funeral Home. Later, it was moved to Montenzuma morgue in Nairobi awaiting autopsy and burial.

Kitui County Head of Public Prosecutions said that after leaving his friend’s house, Gesire drove to Kitui town. A few minutes past 0000hrs, the state counsel was involved in a minor road accident that damaged the front of his BMW car.

Okemwa said that it was after the slight accident when the state counsel called a friend to assist him in towing the car to the parking lot where he had rented. "After the accident, he called his friend for help and they towed the vehicle to the parking lot at the place where he stayed. Nothing else happened until his dead body was discovered the following day,", said the prosecutor.

Suicide note

Kitui Central Head of DCI Nzioka Singi declined to tell the press what the details of the suicide note only saying that doing so would jeopardise investigations. He requested to be excused to go on with investigations saying that forensic experts were working to establish if the suicide note was written using Gesire’s own hands.

On Tuesday, police recovered a lifeless body of Gesire at around 11am tied with a belt around his neck. The naked body was in the bathroom. The body was first discovered by a cleaner who later alerted the police of the alleged suicide case.

Although police were treating the case as suicide, they did not rule out foul play. Kitui Central Sub County Police Commander Chrispinus Ogutu said that police were investigating the matter.

Gesire died at 34 and was unmarried.


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