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FRIENDS united in admiration as Kamwengusya is buried

 HUNDREDS arrived at Ngalange home of Thomas Mwendwa Katike to give their final goodbye to their brother, friend and son.

 The Late Thomas Mwendwa Katike. He was buried on January 11. Photo/FILE

Among the speakers were his teachers, classmates and family members. Members of the clergy presided over the burial that was marked by grief given it appeared to go against tradition where children bury their parents and not the other way round.

As pallbearers marched to the graveyard, it seemed the longest journey marked with silence and moments of commotion. Some demanded to view his body but were prevailed upon to cease from that demand.

The casket bearing the remains of Thomas Mwendwa Katike moments before it was lowered during his burial today. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Others were warned to avoid crowding and holding the casket as it was placed on the rolling belts ready for the last sermon.


What united all mourners was that he was their friend and they had to come to honour him. So as they took turns to return the excavated soil to the ground after the casket was lowered, most just took a few selfies for memories and went back to their vehicles and rode away.

But all were begged not to delve into speculations about what killed Kamwengusya as he was fondly known.

Within a short notice, Mwendwa’s friends formed a WhatsApp group and contributed over KSh70,000. His cousin Paul Ngesa who doubled as treasurer confirmed this.

Some close family and friends of Mwendwa turned down an offer to speak in public to eulogise him. This underpins the irreversible loss they suffered as they wiped tears in sorrow.

All were urged to be supportive of Mwendwa’s mother and sister Caro both who chose not to speak during the burial.


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