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 How to keep your closets pleasantry fresh, all day long

Welcome to our very first series of Trendy and Classy Column which will be carried out by the MWINGI TIMES online publication every Friday. I will, through this segment keep you informed on what is trending in the world of Fashion and Class.

Wooden hangers are recommended to help clothes stay free from dampness. Photo/COURTESY

To start us off today is something that we've all come across. Whenever we are preparing for an event or a function, we all have a great outfit idea in mind that we want to rock in. But have you ever gone out for that dress or suit only to sadly be met by a disgusting odd smell? Well, I can imagine the feeling that keeps you hostage at that particular moment. At this point, I would perhaps imagine how you would start wondering what could be the cause of this foul smell, coming even after you heavily invested in washing out your clothes with that mixture of your favourite detergents. Certainly, you will be a disappointed lot.  


Well, in a nutshell the reason for your disappointment would have been triggered by a simple factor – dampness. This refers to excess moisture absorbed from the air. Dampness can ruin your day by denying you a share of happiness and confidence that comes along when you wear garments that smell fresh.  

I therefore, would like to share with you a few ways that you can employ in an effort to bring that pleasant scent in your wardrobe.  

One simple important technique and one you should always try out is making sure that your clothes are well dried before arranging them in your closet. This ensures that there is no moisture spread between your clothes.

Wooden hangers

Another important point to consider is the use of wooden hangers. There are different types of hangers ranging from wire to plastic to wooden. It is time for you to try out the wooden hangers when hanging your clothes. Wood is good when it comes to absorbing moisture, which in return prevents dampness. 

According to Lifeuncluttered website, one of the suggested ways that you can use to fresh up your closet is by using baking soda. This is a component that has served us well in different purposes. But this time round we are using it in our cabinets. To achieve the desired results, you are advised to follow a few steps.  

One, fill a bowl with baking soda.  Once it is full, place it inside your closet. Remember to leave it open. This can stay here for as long as a year, and just so bring it to your attention, place it somewhere it can't be knocked over.

Another tip that this column found useful and simple as provided for in the internet, is the use of a scented soap. We all have this favourite soap that we can't seem to get over. Well, we are using that soap for another routine far from the usual one - bathing.

Wrap your soap with a tissue paper or a fabric then place it inside your closet. You will definitely love the results.

Lastly and more importantly, always ensure that you clean your closet cabinet, drawers and shelves regularly. This helps in removing dust as well as well as absorbing moisture from the corners and boards. It's advisable to use scented fragrances so just to keep your closet smelling fresh all day long. The culmination of religiously adhering to these tips will be to bring that greatly amazing scent emanating from your closet that will in turn lighten up your mood and rejuvenate the courage brought about by dressing classy.  

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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