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CALLS to transfer Mitamisyi headteacher intensify as KCSE nears

 Stakeholders of St Hillary Mitamisyi Secondary School have urged Education CS Prof George Magoha to transfer the headteacher over what they term as heavy-handedness and running the school in one-man-show style.

A worker at St Hillary Mitamisyi Secondary School on Monday. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

Led by area (Ngomeni) MCA Eliud Nding’uri, they have demanded the removal of Principal Scholar Omangi. Nding’uri said that the sacking of BOM teachers under the current principal angered both the parents and community members, increasing their resolve to have her transferred.

Having failed to have the tutor transferred after reaching out to both Kyuso and Kitui Education and TSC offices, Nding’uri now says their hope lies with Education CS Magoha who he has urged to prioritize the matter once it reaches him.

The parents already received their 136 students who are students of the mixed day and boarding school. The learning institution was closed last Wednesday.

Grievances justified

The school is sponsored by the Catholic Church. Catholic Priest Fr Richard Nguta of Kyuso Parish said the parents’ grievances were justified and Magoha should do something about the situation that risks condemning the school to oblivion over indefinite closure. “I have evaluated the situation and the solution is to transfer the principal elsewhere,” he said.

Reached for comment by Mwingi Times, Kyuso Sub County Director of Education Mr Stephen Mulandi revealed that TSC has already reached a conclusion that the school head will be transferred but after the March 2022 national examinations.

“All plans to move the principal from the school are at an advanced stage. In fact, the TSC temporarily halted the transfer so as not interfere with the process of administering the KCSE examination for form fours. Once the exam that takes place in March is over, the principal will be moved elsewhere,” said Mulandi.

When our team visited the school, both the principal and her deputy were absent and the teachers present declined to be interviewed.

The Mitamisyi Secondary School Principal Scholar Omangi was not immediately available to give her side of story by the time we went to press.


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