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Roads association to sue gov’t over Enziu accident

 National Road Safety Association of Kenya has said that it will take the government to court over death of 32 residents at Enziu river.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu bows in respect to Enziu road accident victims during a requiem mass held in their honour at St Joseph's Seminary  in Mwingi town. A road's association has expressed intention to sue government over the deaths of Muithi Museo Choir members and others on board during the fateful day. Photo/COURTESY

The chairman of the association Mr David Kiarie said that they will treat the matter as murder because the stalled bridge was awarded KSh 120 million for construction but it was not completed.

He said they will want to know how the completion certificate was awarded on a bridge that was never constructed.

"This is not an accident and we must take someone to court. Those who ate the money must take full responsibility on what happened," vowed Kiarie.

Speaking in Mwingi town, he described the incident as a big loss to the families and Kenya at large.

The lobby group has already taken Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to court to have NTSA back on the roads.

Through the association lawyer Jacob Auma, they are urging that National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers should be recalled on roads to deal with rogue drivers during this festive season.

 The association claims that there has been increase of accidents since NTSA came out of roads and it's reinstation will reduce the surge.

Surge of road accidents

 “The number of deaths from accidents have proved to be more dangerous than the Covid-19 pandemic,” claims the lobby’s lawyer Jacob Auma.

Since January this year, 4,000 people have died on road accidents according to the association.

President Uhuru Kenyatta withdrew NTSA officers from the roads in 2017 where the enforcement of traffic rules was left on the hands of police officers.

In the case, David Kiarie's association says that with presence of police officers on road still reckless drivers are claiming lives on road.

 The chairperson said in Mwingi case he also wants the government to compensate those who lost their lives.

Bishop Joseph Mwongela of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui while speaking yesterday during the requiem mass urged the government to fight corruption in government projects.

He said due to corruption locals from marginalised communities still continue to suffer due to the misuse of resources made to benefit them.


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