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REQUIEM Mass underway for 33 killed in Enziu bus accident

 A requiem mass is happening now at St Joseph’s Seminary grounds in Mwingi town. The mass will be presided over by Bishop of Kitui Diocese Joseph Mwongela and Archbishop Antony Muheria who is in charge of Archdiocese of Nyeri according to the Catholic Diocese of Kitui.

A requiem mass underway at St Joseph's Seminary in Mwingi town. Photo/COURTESY

A spot-check by Mwingi Times revealed a sombre mood in the air as photos of all the 33 persons who were killed in Enziu bus accident were displayed on tables at the dais covered with sparklingly white linen.

In front of every portrait was a candle waiting to be lit. Each photo had the name of the deceased plastered on the lower part written in black capital letters.

At both sides of the ceremony were flags and at the middle a red carpet signalling the high-profile attendance for a befitting send off of Muithi Museo Catholic Church choir members who residents say died serving the Lord.

As the presiding bishops walked across to the tables where the photos of the departed where placed, their candles burned amid blowing wind. Some, unable to stand the bombardment of moving air were put off. In the end, all were put off as was the lives of those they represented.

But what remained forever etched in the memories of  residents and visitors was the smiling faces of the deceased, majority being young people which death cruelly plucked from our midst. 

Perhaps to underscore the grief coming down hard on the choir members, Mwingi Times called one of them at around 1pm. 

The choir member who survived the accident said he was not able to go to the seminary grounds for the final rites of his colleagues. He was following the proceedings from his TV despite the event taking place less than 200 meters away.


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