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Malonza says Governor and MP fights to blame for Enziu bus tragedy

 Failed leadership and infighting among Kitui leaders have everything to do with the last Saturday Enziu River tragedy where at least 33 people perished, former Kitui Deputy Governor Penninah Malonza has claimed.

Former Kitui Deputy Governor Penninah Malonza addresses faithful at Mwingi Township AIC church on Sunday. Photo/JAMES MUKITI

On behalf of former Governor Julius Malombe under whom she served, Malonza profusely apologised the administration's failure to fix the Enziu bridge problem and pre-empt the calamity that was witnessed days ago. 

She claimed wrangling and bad blood between Governor Julius Makau Malombe and the then Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu sabotaged the construction of the Enziu over pass bridge. 

"These differences contributed a lot to the abandonment of the Enziu Bridge construction and the abortion of the project," said the former DG.

She lamented that Malombe and Mutambu's successors did not help because they too had their own differences.  The current Kitui governor Charity Ngilu and the current Mwingi Central MP Dr Gideon Mulyungi were not seeing eye to eye until last November when Mulyungi led a delegation to meet the governor and pledged support for her.            

Malonza was addressing faithful at AIC Mwingi Township. She urged the congregants to pray for the unity among Kitui elected leaders from MCAs, MPs, Senator and Governors in order for citizens to be served as expected.                         

At least 33 people most of them members of the Muithi Museo Catholic Church in Mwingi town died on Saturday when the bus they were traveling in was swept by ragging floods at the Enziu drift as the vehicle was crossing the river.   

The bus tipped over and plunged into the river leading to the loss of the innocent souls who were traveling to Nuu for a wedding ceremony. 



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