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It is more and more rains in Kitui this week, says weatherman

 Kitui County has entered a week of enhanced rainfall that will be distributed in over 67 per cent of the County in the next seven days according to the latest weather forecast. 

Rains pounding Kitui town this morning. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

Thunderstorms will accompany the upped rains and associated flash floods.

Unlike the ended week that was marked by light to moderate rainfall, about 37 per cent of Kitui County will experience increased rainfall from Tuesday December 21 to Monday December 27th. In most cases, the rainfall will be between moderate to heavy. 

A weather forecast report released by the Kitui County Director of Meteorology Daniel Mbithi shows that the rainfall will generally range between 5mm to 30 mm. 

 “Rainfall may range from moderate to heavy in Athi, Mutha, Mutomo, Ikanga, Ikutha, Kanziko, Mutitu/Kaliku, Zombe/Mwitika, Waita, Mumoni and Tharaka wards in two in every three days during the period of this forecast,” said the reports.

Mbithi cautioned that flash floods may cause transport challenges on poorly drained roads and more so in areas where the roads become impassable when it rains.

Mornings will have light to moderate rainfall that will be increased in the afternoon and in the night ranging from between moderate to heavy and accompanied by thunderstorms.

According to the forecast, temperatures will range from 14 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius.

Mbithi thus advises farmers to consult local agricultural extension officers on best farming practices in the light of the latest forecast.

“Light to moderate morning rains as well as afternoon and night showers are likely to occur over several places from Tuesday this week to Monday next week. Occasional isolated storms are also likely over few places,” reads the forecast report in part. 

 The report further adds that the expected rainfall during the fourth week of the month over Kitui County is likely to improve the food security in these areas as water and pasture will be rejuvenated.


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