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Ex-MP Mutambu’s driver dies in Kavenge road crash

 A driver to former Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu has died following a grisly road accident along Matuu- Mwingi highway. 

The driver to former Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu died after his car was involved in head on collision with a tractor at around 11pm on December 5. The injured including Mutambu are receiving treatment at Matuu Level Four Hospital. Photo/COURTESY

The accident happened at around 11pm last night at Mwatungo area near Kavenge market which is past Kithyoko town along the Nairobi-Garissa highway.

According to the former Mwingi Central MP who was inside the car that was involved in road accident, the driver was obstructed by a tractor that was spotted in the middle of the road. As the driver attempted to manoeuvre around, he hit the tractor head on.

According to witness accounts, the car rolled several times after collision. As a result, Mr Mutambu sustained leg injuries. Other occupants in the car were also injured and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Speaking to Sharptip New Kamba, a local media house, Joe Mutambu revealed that on the fateful night, he was travelling from River Enziu where St Joseph’s Seminary bus was submerged in the nearby pool of water on Saturday killing several Mwingi Catholic Church choir members on the spot.

The Enziu river accident had claimed at least 32 lives by December 5. Mr Mutambu revealed that he lost “many neighbours”. Key among the deceased were his staff who was returning to Nairobi after the bus was removed from water.

The body of former MP Mutambu’s driver was taken to Mwingi Level Four Hospital mortuary but could not be admitted due to the facility being full after River Enziu accident victims were booked in the facility over the weekend.

As a result of lack of space, Mutambu said that plans were underway to transport the body of his driver to Nairobi for preservation awaiting burial.

Former Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu and the other passengers onboard the ill-fated vehicle suffered minor injuries. They are currently undergoing treatment at Matuu Level Four Hospital. 

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