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ARUSHA-touring Embu MCAs plan to sneak back to Kenya to calm voters

 Following the fierce backlash that has been generated by the extravagant trip by Embu MCAs to Arusha in Tanzania, some are now planning to sneak back to Embu to calm the electorate down.

Cars packed at Embu County Assembly compound. Sources say the MCAs plan to sneak back to Kenya on Friday night to avoid voters' anger over extravagant expenditure amid poor services delivery by the County Government. Photo/COURTESY

Furious residents have questioned why the MCAs could afford to splash millions of taxpayers’ funds on a training trip ostensibly to acquire good mannerisms and campaign discipline, yet there was no money for bursaries, roads were in bad shape, hospitals had no drugs, healthcare workers were not well remunerated and some dilapidated school classes were collapsing due to bad weather.

Embu Deputy Speaker Steve Simba vehemently denied that he had travelled to Arusha to learn how to behave well and how to sweet-talk voters, saying he was still within the country. However, a spot-check at the County Assembly parking lot established that his vehicle, a black Toyota Prado (KCB 811C) had been parked there since Monday when he boarded the Assembly bus to Arusha.

Together with the Runyenjes Central MCA’s vehicle are several others belonging to his counterparts who had to leave their vehicles parked for security reasons as they used a common means of transport to Tanzania.

Simba, a known Social Media fan, has not been seen in public nor heard campaigning within Runyenjes constituency which he wishes to represent in the National Assembly.

Senator Njeru Ndwiga and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mugo Mate are amongst the castigators of the lavish Arusha trip by the Ward Representatives, terming the venture as wasteful, ill-advised, politically reckless and careless. The MCAs have declined invitations to press conferences to prove that they had not travelled to Tanzania, but instead prefer engaging over WhatsApp. 


Attempts to make phone calls to the Ward Reps remained futile as some were switched off while others gave a ring-back tone to indicate that the phone was abroad on a roaming network service.

Activity by the MCAs in their Wards also remain at a standstill as their opponents take full advantage of their absence to lambast them politically for abandoning them for fat overseas allowances.

Sources close to the MCAs indicate that some may travel over the weekend since there are no good manners classes to rush back to their Wards to try and soothe incensed voters who have vowed to kick them out of office.

The returnee MCAs however have already had their passports stamped at the Namanga border point while entering Tanzania for accountability of the allowances paid.

Tipsters also confirmed that a plan is in the pipeline for the County Assembly bus to travel to Embu in the thick of night on Friday December 17 2021 to avoid commotion amongst irate residents displeased with the Arusha trip.

Other MCAs have preferred to be left at Nairobi where they would send their personal vehicles to pick them up.


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