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Alleged thieves return stolen property after owner consults witchdoctor

 Two suspected thieves at Kabati market in Kitui County on Thursday returned household goods they allegedly stole after the owner consulted a witchdoctor who cast 'a return stolen goods' spell on them.

Two suspected thieves in Kabati town yesterday before they surrendered to witch-doctor. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

The two took the Kabati dwellers and market goers by surprise when they appeared and moved about carrying with them a TV set, a gas container and a mattress that were apparently glued to their head. They looked dazed and confused as they did not respond to questions put to them by members of the public.

The unfolding drama attracted a huge crowd of onlookers who thronged the town to witnesses the rare spectacle.

As if under some magnetic power, the duo walked to the witchdoctor’s work station where he allegedly cast a different spell to set them free.

A section of the crowd threatened to lynch the suspected thieves but police officers from Ndolos police station arrived just in time to rescue them.                 

The pair was then hurled inside a police truck that sped off in the direction of the police station.

Joshua Mumo from Katutu area whose house was broken into while he was away in Makueni county to visit a relative said he was happy to have gotten back his property. He said he will pursue the matter to ensure the two are punished according to the law.

“I actually made a report to the police after I found my house had been broken into. But I also sought other ways of punishing the criminals. I am relieved that I now know them and have my property back,” Mumo said.

Kabati residents complained that cases of burglary were spiralling but noted that the incident would serve as a lesson to other would-be criminals. Some said the use of supernatural powers to ‘arrest’ criminals was complementing the work of the police in enhancing security.

Kitui witchdoctor Mama Zawadi who "caught" the two thieves outside her 'office'. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

“It is sad to see such young and energetic men refusing to work and resorting to petty acts of theft. Let it be a lesson to others,” said Purity Maangi.

“If there is an alternative way of exposing and arresting criminals than using the police then I support it. Sometimes when you report to the police it takes forever as police investigate,” noted Benjamin Kanini, a shopkeeper.

The alleged super witch doctor, Mama Zawadi, from Western Kenyan said the complainant approached her to recover his stolen goods. She said her first assignment was to cast a spell that would stop the thieves from selling the stolen items but deliver them to her.

“I work closely with the police because people are always agitated and want to harm those who have wronged them. My work ends after I hand over the criminals to the police,” she said.


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