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ROBBER gunned down, gang flees Isiolo Bar

 Police while responding to a distress call from a bar owner raided Wazee Hukumbuka bar at around 8pm last night in pursuit of an armed gang that had taken hostage of patrons in the entertainment spot.

Police officers drawn from Isiolo Police Station stormed Wazee Hukumbuka Bar at around 8pm last night. They were responding to a distress call from bar owner after a gang robbed patrons valuables and made away with unknown amount of money. Photo/FILE

The gang shot at a patron on his thigh and injured others before escaping with an unknown amount of cash.

On arrival, the police found an unestablished number of gun-totting villains roughing up patrons and frisking them for valuables.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations report seen by Mwingi Times, one hawk- eyed police officer shot the gang member who had defied orders. “Defying the orders, one of the gang members went for the trigger, but before he could make a fatal aim at anyone, a hawk-eyed officer neutralized his efforts with a single shot that set him sprawling on the floor”, read the report in part.

However, the rest of gang members escaped police dragnet when one aimlessly shot causing panic among the revellers who in a bid to secure a second lease of life, they ran from the bar. It was during this commotion that the rest of criminals staged their narrow escape.

On processing the crime scene, police were able to find the lifeless body of the gangster which they took to a Nanyuki morgue.

Following the commotion, some patrons were injured by blunt objects. The casualties sought medical attention.



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