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MWENDWA’S case closed for now as DPP fails to prefer charges against him

 Nick Mwendwa was freed by the court after the State failed to prefer charges against him for alleged misappropriation of funds at the Football Kenya Federation, FKF.

Embattled FKF President Nick Mwendwa has been set free by court after DPP failed to prefer charges against him as directed by the court. Photo/FILE

The court had directed the State to prefer charges against the embattled FKF boss but that failed to materialize Thursday morning.

This forced Senior Resident Magistrate Wandia Nyamu to allow the State request to close the miscellaneous file. Mwendwa’s lawyers did not oppose DPP’s request to close the investigations file.

“I, therefore, order this matter closed as prayed by the DPP”, said the magistrate.

Mwendwa was being represented by lawyers Eric Mutua, John Khaminwa, Nelson Havi and Tom Ojienda.

Magistrate Wandia further directed that the Sh4Million cash bail Mwendwa had deposited to court be refunded to him.

Earlier after his arrest, National Police Service Spokesperson Bruno Shioso said that Mwendwa was arrested over “alleged improprieties at the FKF”.

Before his arrest, Mwendwa had vowed to stay put at FKF despite it being taken over by a caretaker committee as probe into alleged misappropriations of FKF funds go on.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Dr Amina Mohammed appointed a 15-member FKF caretaker committee to serve for six months from November 11.  The caretaker committee is led by retired judge Aaron Ringera.


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