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MUTUA: Some youths are jobless because they lack skills

 MACHAKOS Governor Dr Alfred Mutua’s recent interview with The Standard cut an image of a happy man in a challenging world.

 Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua (centre) shopping at a Mama Mboga's market shed in his county. Photo/COURTESY

He revealed that indeed he had sued activist Boniface Mwangi for linking him to destruction of his Lukenya house.

He dismisses Mwangi’s accusations saying he is not a vengeful person.

Mutua says although he separated with former First Lady Lilian Nganga, the A & L hotels will keep expanding to other regions under the same name.

Despite being told to discuss his relationship with Lilian, Mutua avoided that completely saying that it was out of respect that he won’t delve into those matters in media circles.

“I am not going to discuss my relationship with the other person. It is disrespectful”, he says.

Lilian has since moved on and is dating Juliani, a hip-hop artist.

The governor advises young people to be aware of the kind of people they are dating. He says that people who do not respect their parents are not worth dating. He classifies that as malice and madharau, reminding the viewers that even the Bible commands children to obey their parents.


Mutua, a journalist himself, downplays a meme that went around showing that his former wife ignored him during a recent event they were in.  Perhaps to deploy his media prowess, he tells Brian Okoth, The Standard editor to watch the whole video not just a moment captured by the said photo.

Alfred Mutua listens to a Standard journalist during an interview on October 24.  Photo/COURTESY

The second term governor is a keen user of social media and usually trends under various topics. His campaign promise for the youth is centred on creation five million jobs, creating credit for small and medium businesses and empowering the young people by instilling in them skills that they will employ them.

He notes that some young men and women are unemployed because they do not have skills to be productive. Jobs such as masonry and plumbing may be available but they have no takers since those idling on the streets have zero skills to work.

The former government spokesperson says that his other way to create jobs for the youth is by supporting the entertainment industry.  This will see more artists, actors and entertainers earn a living from the stage he says.

In total, Mutua, who is vying for presidency next, says that his government will not harass the citizens. He wants wananchi to live a good life.

Under Mutua’s leadership, a number of roads have been paved as well as connection of tap water to rural households.

But like every politician, he comes off as deflecting attention and a master in rerouting editor’s concerns to downplay its seriousness. All this with a smile.


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