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High Court declares Huduma Namba roll out illegal

 The High Court has declared Huduma Namba invalid over failure to follow the law in its implementation.

The High Court has quashed Huduma Namba roll out saying it violated Data Protection Act. Photo/FILE

Justice Jairus Ngaah says that it did not comply with Data Protection Act.

On October 13, 2021, the government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said that 11.2 Million Huduma Namba cards have already been processed and 6.5 Million were collected by their owners across the country.

The State advised owners of the cards to collect them and provided an online link where they will use it to log in with their national ID card numbers.

The rollout of Phase 2 Huduma Namba registration is going on. It is being done by ICT and NRB personnel who are being trained before complete rollout of the second phase.

The government clarified that Huduma Namba will not be used in the upcoming general elections. It cited a court case over the roll out as a hindrance to the usage. “Concerns regarding whether Huduma Namba will be used in the coming general elections, the position is that it will not be used. While it would have been most preferred document, there was delay in the Huduma Namba process after the court issued an injunction in May 2019”, said the government spokesman.


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