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Ex-sub-chief’s son puts his family in trouble for eloping with a form two girl

 A retired assistant chief and his wife are cooling their heels at a police station courtesy of their son’s decision to allegedly impregnate and elope with a 16-year-old secondary school girl.

The girl married by the Ikanga man is alleged to be underage and if proved to be true, he will be charged with defilement in court. Photo/FILE

The former assistant chief in Ikanga location of Kitui South Sub-County was at 5am picked up alongside his wife from his home by a contingent of police officers led OCS James Musyoka Mwavu.

The newly wedded youngsters were also arrested during the early morning raid by the police and the foursome were frog-marched to Ikanga police station where they were held throughout the day on Tuesday. 

The chief for Ikanga, Onesmus Musaula, said the former assistant chief and his wife were held for connivance and abetting the premature marriage of a underage girl who was in form two at Mosa Secondary school by the time she became pregnant in mid-2020.

“I do not have details but all a can tell you is that the foursome has been arrested among them the girl who was married. I am rushing to Ikanga police station to get more information of the arrest and would get back to you later,” said Musaula on phone on Tuesday.

An elder sister of the young girl who got married, Ms. Ngina Kisengese, said she was bitter because she had plans to take the girl back to school soon after giving birth. 

Future ruined

“My sister is too young to be married and if that happens her life will irreparably ruined. I am contemplating petitioning CS Prof. George Magoha for intervention and appropriate action against the culprits,” said Ms. Kisengese.

She said her family wants the undesired marriage vetoed and the young teenage girl be allowed to go back to school to continue with her education. She said the family of the young man who eloped with her young sister should all be arraigned in court to face the law.

The Ikanga OCS confirmed that he had directed that school girl be presented to medics at the Ikanga Sub-County Hospital for age evaluation to establish whether the girl is really under age and a minor as alleged. 

“We have to get a medics’ word on the true age of the girl because she does not have a birth. Some family members claim she is 16 while others say she is 18,” added Mwavu. He said the young man who married the girl would be charged with defilement should the girl turn out to be under 18.


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