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Table fuel reduction motion, Speaker Muturi tells MPs

 The Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has called on MPs to table a motion of fuel reduction in Parliament after its resumption next week.


Accompanied by MPs Eric Muchangi (Runyenjes) and Cecily Mbarire (Nominated), Speaker Muturi advised them to table a motion seeking to reverse the hike in fuel prices which was pinching wananchi amid Covid-19 pandemic economic fallout. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Speaking during a funds drive at St. Michael Catholic Church Kiangungi Embu, Muturi condemned the sudden increase in fuel price that has left many jobs at stake.

Muturi said many Kenyans are suffering due to fuel increase due to the rise in the cost of living.

"Kenyans are facing hard economic times and it's improper to increase fuel prices,” said Muturi.

The Speaker challenged Runyenjes Member of Parliament Eric Muchangi and Nominated MP Cecily Mbarire who had accompanied him in church to table a fuel reduction motion in Parliament to save Kenyans from economic misery.

"It is really disheartening when a bodaboda rider cannot ride because of high fuel prices. Let the MPs bring this issue in Parliament. Let's not talk of it here on ground. Leaders cannot cry together with locals let that thing on fuel prices hike come to Parliament," urged Speaker Muturi.

He said he was ready to approve the bill on fuel taxation.

Runyenjes legislator Eric Muchangi said Kenyans were suffering due to hike in petrol prices which had made many businesses suffer.

Muchangi urged all leaders to raise up on the issue of fuel prices and ensure locals do not suffer especially this time the country is hit by coronavirus pandemic.

Mbarire had pointed out that when President Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in 2013 the fuel prices was KSh 65 per litre noting that it was sad few years down the line the fuel hit above Sh100 shillings and still the price is accelerating.

She called on the Head of State to reduce fuel price in the country so that Kenyans can go back to work and continue building the nation.

Kenyans have raised concern on the high fuel prices in the country citing tough economic times due to Covid-19. They area calling on the government to consider their cry and have the fuel prices reduced.


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