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 A prominent livestock dealer at Kamuwongo trading centre in Mwingi North sub county of Kitui was on Tuesday evening stabbed to death by his drunk younger brother at a local pub following an altercation.

 A man killed his elder brother in a bar by stabbing him on the chest. Photo/FILE

During the 5.30 pm knife attack Kihara Kalima drove a kitchen knife into the left side of the chest of his elder brother John Muneeni  Kiteme aka Rambo Kalima leaving him bleeding profusely from  a yawning wound  as he fell on the ground.

The Kamuwongo assistant chief Savali Kariva while confirming the incident said that it was not clear why the deceased had quarrelled with his brother resulting to the fatal brawl. He however said the incident happened inside a bar owned by the deceased.

"It is not up to now clear why the two had a bitter exchange at the Kanake bar that is run by the deceased who had hired the brother turned killer as a waiter on the fateful Tuesday.  Things happened so fast and the younger of the two brothers drove a knife in the chest at the left ribs of his elder brother," said Kariva.                             

He added that there was a struggle as the deceased tried to use a plastic chair to stop his tipsy younger brother from hurting him to no avail.

He said that although the injured Kiteme was rushed to a private clinic at Kamuwongo, he was only given first aid and referred to a more advanced hospital in Mwingi town 30 kilometres away where medics pronounced him dead on arrival.

He said that police at Kamuwongo outpost immediately launched a manhunt for the assailant who fled after knifing his brother.

Kariva said following the untimely death of Kiteme, the Kamuwongo community had lost not only a focused and shrewd businessman but a kind and meek man who was always ready to help.

The late Kiteme ran a number of bars and butcheries at Kamuwongo. He was also an accomplished livestock dealer.                 


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