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Ruto tells off Ngilu over her insults and immoral prayer

 Deputy President William Ruto has challenged Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to concentrate on her development agenda including provision of water to the arid and semi-arid county and stop engaging in shouts and hate campaigns.

Deputy President William Ruto is welcomed by church leaders at the Kiusyani Gospel Assembly Church for a Sunday service and fundraiser on September 26, 2021. Photo/PAUL MUTUA


Ruto took Ngilu head-on, telling her he was not his political equal and that she should stop wasting her time and energy hurling insults at him through her Twitter account.

“I have no time to engage in any contest with this mama (Ngilu) and I urge her to stop badmouthing me in public,” the DP said while addressing a rally at Kiusyani market, Kitui Rural Sub County in Ngilu’s turf.

He wondered why the county boss spends more than five hours in a day twitting “insults” against him and instead urged her to preoccupy herself with something else beneficial to her electorate.

Sijui anatumia muda wake mwingi kujaribu kushindana na mimi juu kwa kiti gani? Sababu unaona anakaa kwa Twitter five hours per day, eti atukane Ruto kwa five hours! Saa gapi atafanya kazi ya watu wa Kitui?” (Why does she waste her time in fighting me? Using five hours per day in her Twitter account to disparage me! Can’t she use such time to offer service to the people of Kitui?)”, Ruto said.

The DP said it appears as if the Governor has lost her direction and advised her to get back to her root on service delivery to people. He also asked Ngilu to desist from pronouncing some prayers to God which has no basis or divine connotation.

Nataka kumwambie huyu mama kwa heshima, achane na matusi na maombi ambayo sijui yanaenda wapi. (I want to respectfully urge her to desist from hurling insults at me and pronouncing certain prayers whose destinations are not defined)”, Ruto said.

Speaking earlier at the Kiusyani Gospel Assembly Church, the DP urged the clergy not to turn away politicians from their places of worship. He said he has worked hard to bring politicians to church and the clergy should take advantage of it and preach to them.

At the same time, Ruto said he will enter into a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Ukambani regional leaders in the countdown to 2022 General Election to form part of his national economic charter.

He said the MOU will culminate in draft regional economic blueprint for Kitui, Makueni and Machakos counties.


Ruto said him and the leaders have unanimously agreed to focus on an all-inclusive conversation that will bring together farmers, entrepreneurs, traders, cooperatives, producers and business associations.

"This dialogue will be part of a national economic agreement that symbolises needs, aspirations of, and our commitments to Kenyans at the grassroots and especially the hustlers at the borders of our economic life," Ruto said.

Those accompanying him included Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai (Jubilee), Kwavonza-Yatta MCA John Mbakimbaki, his Kyome/Thaana counterpart Alex Wambua, senatorial aspirant Julius Mutukaa and parliamentary aspirants, Sammy Ngangi (Kitui West) and Charles Nyamai (Kitui Rural).

Last week while showcasing five specially built Isuzu trucks for transporting cattle in the expansive county, Ngilu stood at Kisasi market in Kitui Rural and led the crowd in a prayer that disgraced the DP and described him as “wicked and dangerous.”

In her prayer, the Governor asked God to intervene and save Kitui and the country at large from falling prey to Ruto’s political trap by electing him to the presidency in 2022.

“Our God, the person who lacks understanding amongst us is Ruto. Dear God, remove him from us. This person is not good, he will make trouble in our country. Lord help us in your own way by excluding him and installing good leaders upon us,” the Governor’s prayer partly went on.


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