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Killer woman presents herself to police

 The gruesome murder of a man in Tseikuru town has left residents alarmed as police piece together the reasons behind the killing.

Muthomi at work in the past. He was killed by a woman on Friday night. Police are investigating the murder. Photo/FILE

A woman killed a man only identified as Muthomi near Kwa Karungu. The woman used a sharp knife which she drove inside the throat of the victim.

A source who preferred to remain anonymous says that the woman had warned the man to no avail, prompting her to kill him.

He also says that the woman is irritable.

The killing happened at around 10pm yesterday. The woman has since gone to Tseikuru police station to present herself over the heinous act.

The crime happened at a rented house following a disagreement. The man is a new resident who was working as a mechanic.



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