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I am a Tharaka not a Kamba, declares Kalonzo

 Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has sought to disassociate himself from the Kamba community which he represented parliament for thirty years.

Kalonzo Musyoka addresses Nakuru residents on Wednesday where he said he was not a Kamba but a Meru from Tharaka sub tribe. Photo/COURTESY

Kalonzo told Nakuru town residents on September 22 that he was not a Kamba as widely believed but a Meru, Tharaka.

“Were it not for tribalism, I would have been the president of Kenya. But people ask me what I will bring.

Mimi sio Mkamba. Ukiniangalia mimi nakaa Mkamba? Mimi ni Mmeru-Mtharaka. Tunaelewana? Eeh.”, said Kalonzo while pleading with voters to examine the leadership qualities of a presidential candidate not their tribal affiliations.

The well attended rally was manned by AP police officers who were seen pushing away hawkers selling oranges to Kalonzo’s entourage.

Kalonzo said his government will fight corruption if elected to office next year.

He touts his diplomatic achievements as qualities that will come in handy in reconciling Kenyans whenever conflicts arise.

On September 21, Mr Musyoka received an award for his efforts in securing peace in South Sudan, Somalia and The DRC which have witnessed years of civil strife, displacement and deaths citizens.

“It was an honour to have been recognized by the Voice Magazine at a Gala dinner of the Achievers Award 2021 in Dubai for the peace efforts we have been undertaking in several countries in Africa including Somalia, The DRC and now South Sudan”, he wrote on Facebook.


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