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Governor Njuki paralyzed activities at Kathwana Headquarters-Senator Kindiki

 Tharaka Nithi senator Professor Kithure Kindiki has accused the incumbent governor Muthomi Njuki of rendering Kathwana non-operational from the time he took over the county leadership.

From right: Former Tharaka Nithi governor Samuel Ragwa, senator Kithure Kindiki and women representative Beatrice Nkatha during a church service and a fundraiser at Mitongoro EAPC Church in Chiakariga ward, Tharaka Nithi County. Photo/DENIS MUTUA

Kindiki said that for the last four years Njuki has been the governor Tharaka Nithi, businesses have shied away from the county seat of power due to harsh conditions to run their work.

He said that despite lobbying for resources from various financiers including the national government, the cash has been disappearing into individuals’ pockets once docking at Kathwana, leaving the headquarters undeveloped.

For instance, the county legislator said money meant for tarmacking of Kathwana municipality was squandered by individuals and only a few kilometres of tarmac were done against high expectations that the cash would be well utilized to develop the municipality.

Further, Kindiki said that graft case facing the county boss barring him from setting foot at Kathwana office has left Kathwana as ceremonial headquarters since he ended up setting a satellite office at Chuka town where he operates from.

The senator was speaking at EAPC Ntongoro church in Chiakariga ward during a church fundraiser, in company of former governor Mbae Ragwa and county MP Beatrice Nkatha.

Kindiki dismissed those who have been accusing him of disappearing from the county for a long time saying that senatorial positions are not like other posts and balancing between his national roles and touring county with 15 wards maybe delicate.

“Today I am here at Chiakariga ward with you. So if you do not spot me for the next few months just know I am in other wards and also performing my national roles in the Senate,’’ he said.

On Njuki’s funds embezzlement and graft cases facing him, Kindiki compared him biblical partridge that hatches eggs it has not laid but claims to be hers and that results would be evident soon.

Unjust riches

“Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means. When his life is half gone, they will desert him, and in the end he will prove to be a fool,’’ Kindiki alluded.

He then challenged Njuki to put satellite offices like the one at Chuka in the other two sub counties of Tharaka and Maara while he awaits being cleared of his graft cases if at all he is genuine with the Chuka office.

Further, Kindiki noted that the case having rendered him lame, Njuki cannot influence relocation of the county commissioner Beverly Opwora who has since declined operating from Kathwana offices which has been completed already and therefore need for his replacement.

“We need a governor who will work from Kathwana so that he/she can push the county commissioner to shift to Kathwana headquarters because if the current governor has no power to get into Kathwana office, no way he can influencing her relocation,’’ he observed.

Former Tharaka Nithi governor Samuel Mbae Ragwa who has declared his senatorial bid in 2022 polls also castigated governor Njuki for what he termed as neglecting Kathwana and shifting to Chuka town.

Ragwa said despite Njuki accusing him of under developing Kathwana, the county headquarters buildings that he left stalled with nothing much done to benefit the residents.

The former governor thus said he was not ready to support people who do not want to develop Kathwana so that it grows to the level of other towns as the county headquarters.

On her part, county woman representative Beatrice Nkatha urged Ragwa to join UDA party and ditch The Service Party to avoid losing like it was in 2017 polls.

Nkatha rubbished Kiunjuri’s TSP as a broker party and said they need to approach the deputy president direct and not through power brokers like Kiunjuri who did not help the county when he was CS for Agriculture ministry before being fired by president “over underperformance”.

She further said she would be seeking the third term as the county MP on UDA party ticket and urged locals to support her.

They both promised to support senator Kindiki on any seat he wishes to run for including the county’s top seat.

However, Kindiki did not reveal whether he will be running for any elective seat in 2022 elections as anticipated with rumours that he may be seeking to dethrone incumbent Njuki.

As the political alliances and alignments start shaping up ahead of elections, it is a clear indication that the three may be sailing on the same political boat with Ragwa having hinted on revising his party choice as advised by Nkatha.

Residents will have now to wait longer for senator Kindiki to announce his next move since it is evident that he won’t re-claim his senatorial post.


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