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France 24 wrong in covering Guinea Conakry coup

 I have been following how the international media cover Africa for a long time. Some come off as colonial, hegemonic and ignorant. Others usurp the rights of subjects of news covered.

France 24 in this screenshot violated the rights of a Guinea Conakry child by showing his face in this photo we have hidden his face to avoid stigma associated with covering political conflicts. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

This was aptly captured when France 24 went to cover news of the fall of government in Guinea Conakry. It used an image of a child who had his hands clasped around his head. This depicted the gravity of conflict and trauma that ordinary citizens are subjected to when governments are in precipice.

Yet the editor ran the story and shared it on the website, social media and other platforms. While it is good for media to criticize brutal dictators who rule with an iron fist, by the France 24 TV choosing to run the photo of that boy with his full face not covered, the Western media showed us how they think about us. That it is okay to trample on the rights of Africans and get away with it. Especially so if the victim has no power to fight back such as the little child.


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