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Ewasco workers issue strike notice over interference by board

 Embu Water and Sanitation Company (Ewasco) workers have threatened to down their tools and shut down all the water supply on what they are alleging to be interference by the board on day to day running of the company.

 Ewasco offices in Embu town. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Led by County Government Workers Union, Ewasco Branch chairperson Mr Godfrey Kirimi, the workers said that the board was interfering with management, something they opposed saying it had meddled with water supply.

The workers issued a three days’ notice failure by the board to keep off the management of Ewasco, they will down their tool.

"We Ewasco staff we are going to ground our services and people who will suffer are Embu residents. We are tired with persistent interference of Ewasco by the board," said Kirimi.

Kirimi stated that the tussle has left many workers jobless. 

They said the activities being done by the board of directors in Ewasco are completely out of order and a threat to the supply of water to locals who depend on the company for water. 

"Water company is an autonomous entity and we feel our top management, our CEO and other top managers are capable and competent enough to steer this company ahead.

The workers alleged that there are some individuals in the board who want to take charge of the water company to achieve their personal gains.

Ill plans

His sentiments were echoed by Kennedy Murathi who said that the board was targeting workers who were opposed to their ill plans to benefit.

He claimed that the managing director was also the target by the board for his firm stand and failure for him to subscribe to the demands of the board members.

He revealed that there was an active case in court and the board should be patient to wait for the case to be heard and determined but for now the workers are not going to let the board to interfere with the operations of the company.

The board chairman Dr Njagi Njoka refuted claims that there was an interference by the board on the operations of Ewasco terming the allegations as false.

"The board's work is to oversight the operations and Management of the company and that is what we have been doing. I want to reiterate that those are lies. There is nobody who is being threatened and nobody who is being pursued. I want no say no interference of Ewasco by the board" said Dr Njagi.



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