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Embu county employees are depressed over unremitted deductions-MCA

 A Member of County Assembly has sought information on why Embu County Government employee statutory deductions are not remitted to their respective institutions.

Ruguru-Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo addresses the press outside Embu County Assembly. Photo/FILE

During a plenary sitting, Ruguru-Ngandori Ward Representative Muturi Mwombo told the Assembly that some staffers at the County Government had complained to him that their National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) accounts had not been credited despite deductions being captured on their pay slips.

Muturi who is also the Chairman of the County Assembly Committee on Health revealed that one employee who had recently died lacked access NHIF medical benefits earlier. He said several County staff members had developed depression after learning that their deductions were being withheld.


The MCA added that loan deductions had also not been remitted to financial institutions, leaving employees to suffer penalties for defaulting on payment. This, he said, had led to hundreds of workers being blacklisted by the Credit Referencing Bureaus (CRB), oblivious that they were defaulters.

He questioned why the County Government would refuse to remit employee deductions to institutions yet they were deducting the money, saying this had barred some individuals from access to loans because their employer was no longer trusted to make payments in good time.

Muturi said the anomaly had caused untold frustrations amongst county employees and their immediate family members who depend on the services not paid for. He sought immediate action on the matter to ensure public money is not lost.

However, Deputy Speaker Steve Simba ruled Muturi out of order for breach of parliamentary and advised him to seek a statement in writing from the relevant department during the next sitting’s statement hour.

The Runyenjes Central MCA stated that his Ruguru-Ngandori counterpart might not be having the correct information, disclosing that he had spoken to the County Chief Officer for Finance and confirmed that the monies had already been paid to the relevant institutions.

Though Muturi maintained that he was seeking indulgence of the Deputy Speaker on how best to handle the “matter of county importance”, Simba insisted that the matter must be carefully investigated, documented and forwarded to the Office of the Speaker for approval as a statement.


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