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Abandoned Tseikuru hospital that has never treated anyone

 To Katumbi residents in Kitui County, the advent of devolution was godsent.   But six years after take-off, they have not been answered why a dispensary built by Governor Charity Ngilu’s government is not operational even after millions of shillings were sank in building it.

Desolate Katumbi Dispensary that has never helped residents since its construction despite the taxpayers using a lot of money to put it up. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

Mwingi Times toured the white elephant of a facility today that has contributed nothing to the war against Covid-19 and is a pointer to grim reality of a healthcare on deathbed in Kitui County.

With the national government having contributed solar energy panels to the new hospital, it was ready for take-off but what greets you when you visit is a rusted padlock and overgrown grass inside the dispensary.

The solar PV panels were donated by the ministry of petroleum and energy

“Let’s stop here and see for yourself”, says Mr Alfred Mutua, a local. He angry clicks his tongue saying the government had taken the residents for a ride for far too long.

A keen look of the wall of the dispensary facing the main road shows that it was funded during the 2019/2020 financial year budget. But the writing appears to have been redone or interfered with given it doesn’t tally with the other parts of the wall in terms of texture.

The compound is surrounded by high quality barbed wire to prevent intruders but that does not help residents anymore since they are supposed to walk 20km to Tseikuru Sub County Hospital, the regional level four government hospital.

Despite healthcare gobbling millions of county funds, most of public hospitals in Kitui are in a sorry state.


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