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Generous well-wishers help starving pupils in Kyuso

 An incident at Kalimamundu primary school where a pupil fainted due to hunger has provoked generous food support from big-hearted well-wishers.

The Kalimamundu primary school community when they received a donation of four bags of maize on Wednesday morning. Photo. MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

On Tuesday, Kyuso sub-county director of education Mr Stephen Mulandi appealed for food donations to cushion the learners from starvation.

In a letter seen by Mwingi Times, Mulandi urged the principal of Kyuso Boys secondary school to save the situation by donating food to the little angels.

Kennedy Kathi Muthui, an MCA aspirant for Kyuso Ward appealed for support over the same matter via WhatsApp on Tuesday.

In response to the plea for support, on Wednesday morning well-wishers delivered four bags of maize to the students. Three of the four bags were donated by Kysuo Boys’ secondary school and the remaining one was purchased from money gotten through the WhatsApp fundraising forum.

The food donation was delivered to the school at around 730am on Wednesday and was received by the school community led by the head teacher Caroline Mwangangi.

Mwingi Times has since been informed that most of the hunger-stricken pupils at the school come from single parent households but the mothers had left the children under the care of aging grandparents as they moved to far-off places like Garissa to find ways to eke a living.

The hunger situation as Mulandi indicated in his letter of appeal to Kyuso Secondary school has been made dire by the fact that crops withered following the failure of the last rains season leaving locals with no harvests.

Kalimamundu primary school is located in Kyuso ward, Mwingi North Sub County, Kitui County.



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  1. Something needs to be done.
    Our school-going children aren't attending the lessons.
    The situation is also being experienced by Kwamusila a neighboring school


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