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Two men arrested for raping their friend’s girlfriend in turns

 On Friday July 30, police in Kitui arrested two men for allegedly gang-raping a girl aged 18 years old.

The alleged rape incident took place on Wednesday at Diani Apartments in Kwa Vonza market. Photo/COURTESY

If found guilty, the two will be jailed for at least 15 years or get a life sentence as per Section 10 of Kenya Sexual Offences Act No.3 of 2006.

The men are accused of stupefying the teenager before taking her to a room where they allegedly raped her in turns.

The men were identified as Samwel Mulama aged 22 years and Biron Orwa aged 25.

According to a DCI tweet, the gang-raping happened on Wednesday July 28. The two men had earlier visited Monte Christo Bar in Kitui town together with the girl and her boyfriend. Authorities say that the alleged rapists are known to the victim.

“The victim’s boyfriend is familiar with the suspects” says the DCI.

In a well-choreographed scheme, the two men ordered rounds of alcohol which they imbibed with the boyfriend of the girl who later staggered home leaving behind the girlfriend with the duo.

After dragging the first-year student, they took her to Diani Apartments in Kwa Vonza market. It is here where they committed the heinous act, according to the police.

Neighbours who witnessed the dragging tipped off the police who swung to action. On arrival, the police found one suspect hiding under the bed while the second one had gone to Monte Christo Bar to fetch “the victim’s shoes and clothes they they had left behind after partly undressing her”.

The unconscious victim was rushed to Kitui County Referral Hospital for treatment.

Both suspected rapists had their DNA samples extracted as investigations into the incident go on.

The DCI warned the public especially young girls to be wary of the company they keep. They said “since stupefying cases that lead to rape and other felonies are on the rise”.


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