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The transformative face of Mwingi Times

 In the last 90 days, Mwingi Times has changed from an ordinary blog to a fully-fledged mass media website. 

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu greets Thitani Girls' students in 2018 when she toured the institution. It had a mean grade of 6.87 in 2020 KCSE. Photo/FILE  On May 11, we did a story titled "How Mwingi schools performed in KCSE 2020".  It was the most read.

It has not only grown in name but also attracted big players in the industry. Most bring decades of experience to Mwingi Times.

We are doing ordinary stories from the villages with some being ignored by other players. By breathing life to their highlighted stories, we get thank you notes and congratulations from our readers such as Tseikuru power outage, the neglected Kalambani bridged and many more. These community assets have since been fixed after us running their stories.

The stories we do are shared on our social media accounts for followers to engage other players including the government. Local radio stations have been integral in making the voices of rural residents heard too.

At Mwingi Times, we celebrate talent. By this, we profile stories of goodwill, heroes and small acts of kindness to those who are marginalised such as lobbying for them to be remembered. We do this by exposing any wrongdoing that make the lives of the downtrodden worse than currently is.

Underlying our dominance at the regional stage, we were able to make Mwingi readers know how their children performed in 2020 KCSE. The story was the most read, signalling the thirst for education amid Covid-19 pandemic and economic slump.

We endeavour to support our readers since information is power and we are doing our bit by pushing the agenda of changing the society via responsible journalism.


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