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Invest wisely, Maima says in his new song

 Alphonse Kioko known by stage name Kithungo Raha is one of the leading Kamba Benga singers, says It attributes his popularity to captivating vocals and his iconic guitar. His fans like calling him Maima (holes).

 A screen grab from Alphonse Kioko's (Kithungo Raha) new song Nthi Ino Nditei. Photo/COURTESY

Mr Kioko is not only popular on YouTube. He enjoys at least 74,935 monthly listeners on

Today, he shared his video edition of the Nthi Ino Nditei song on his YouTube channel. This was after a month of waiting by his admiring fans.

Last month, he had done the audio version of his new song and had more than 800,000 views. He has 94,000 subscribers on the video sharing platform.

The Kithungo Raha hit maker gives nuggets of wisdom to his listeners saying that if they hustle, they should invest the money wisely.  He suggests that they should save and select good ways to venture into. You should remember your parents when you go to Nairobi because they are the ones who cannot fail you, he advises.

He lambasts his relatives in his composition for ignoring him when he visited Nairobi City to hustle. Tei ni ukya (Kindness breeds poverty), he was told. Out of this rejection, he endeavoured to work hard to change his situation for better, he adds.

The song is available on Skiza Tunes for listeners to entertain their callers.

As a sign of venturing into the international music scene, Maima translates the song at the bottom of the screen for his listeners who don’t grasp Kikamba. It is shot in crystal clear videos coupled with appealing audios too.



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